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5 March 2013

How To Earn Money With Your Facebook Account

                      Many of ways now available in internet to earn money. For that must inverse money or else you must have your own paid website. In this post am here to share a new way of earning money with your facebook account. But for this, you must spent little amount of time for browsing.
These are way to follow...

Way 1 :-

1> Sign up with

2> Copy your facebook profile URL

3> Shrink your facebook profile URL to your account. By shrinking you will get a new URL

4> Copy the new shrinked URL
5> Signup with Linkrefferal

6> Then submit your shrinked URL in linkrefferal directory list
Almost all the process were done for earn money. Then you have to visit the Linkrefferal site daily to get more income. Visiting more link can earn more money.

Way 2:-

                    This way is the simplest form of earning money through your facebook account. Follow the given instruction.
1> Copy the needed link (URL) to share on facebook

2> Shrink the particular URL with

3> Then share the new shrinked URL in your facebook account.

If the link were visited by no of users you can earn money.

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