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28 November 2012

How To Connect Samsung Galaxy Y To Laptop By Using Wifi Hotspot

                          One of the important features of Samsung Galaxy Y is portable wifi hotspot. Using this portable wifi hotspot we can share our mobile packet data with laptops and other wifi enabled mobiles. The instruction need to follow to enable wifi hotspot are given below

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1) Select Setting from Menu option

2) Select Wireless and Networks

3) Select Tethering and Portable hotspot

4) Enable Wifi hotspot

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Configuration of wifi hotspot:
         To configure wifi hotspot follow 1-4 steps then
5) Select portable wifi hotspot setting

6) Select Configure portable wifi hotspot

            In configuration section the 1st step is add SSID. SSID is wifi name. We can give any name as wifi name.
 Wifi hotspot security:- Wifi hotspot security has 2 types

1) Open 2) WAP 2 PSK

         In open security any one can access our wifi connection. That is no authentication while connecting.

 2) WAP 2 PSK:
         In case of WAP 2 PSK connection, we can set password for the wifi connection. So that if any other user attempt access the wifi connection, it prompt password .

        If the user select WAP 2 PSK as a security type, system asked to enter the at least 8 character password.

        Wow, the wifi hotspot configuration is finished. Now , if we search in laptop or wifi enabled mobile we can see the SSID we given. Connect and enjoy browsing.

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