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4 January 2014

Make Your Smartphone Smarter With "Agent"

I love my smartphone, but I’ll be the first to admit that for a smartphone, it can sometimes be rather dumb. For example, when my battery is on the fritz, the phone will exert an endless amount of energy telling me that it’s about to die. It will beep, vibrate, and light up to its heart’s content, all the while draining more of its precious juice until it eventually dies or I plug it in to charge. If it’s about to run out of power, why doesn’t it just settle down and take a rest, thereby saving some energy in case I need to make a call before it decides to power down.

It turns out I’m not the only person to think this way. Some folks have actually decided to do something about the less than smart things our smartphones do on a regular basis. The designers at Egomotion have created an Android app known as Agent that promises to take your smartphone back to the classroom and teach it a few things.

Should You Bother With This “Agent?”
As of this moment, there are 5 areas where the Agent app can help your phone to assist you better, and they will be briefly outlined below.
First off is the battery. When Agent senses your battery power going south, it will automatically do everything it can to save what life if left in your phone, such as toning down your screen brightness, turning off Bluetooth, etc. Everything will go back to normal once you plug in your phone.
Then there is the sleep mode. With this enabled, your phone will only ring if it is an emergency during certain hours of the night. This can be set to only turn on when you plug in your phone at night.
As far as meetings go, Agent links with your Google calendar and will automatically silence your phone whenever you have any meetings scheduled throughout the day.
When it comes to driving, Agent uses Bluetooth to know when you’re on the road. When it senses that you’re on the go, it will automatically turn on the drive mode features of your phone. It will read your messages out loud and will respond to everyone that you’re driving at the moment and will get back to them later. Also as part of driving, once you stop the vehicle for a certain period of time, Agent will remember that location as your parking spot so you can easily find it later.
As of right now, Agent is only available for Android devices, and if you’d like to try it out, you can purchase it at the Google Play Store for $1.99.
[Image via droid-life]

7 November 2013

Sony Xperia Tethering & Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot Setting And Configuration

                                                      Sony Xperia is now most popular android smart phone. In Xperia many models are available in market.  Sony Xperia series has lot of features are included and best feature is Tethering & Portable Hotspot.. Last post I explained Samsung galaxy Y Portable Hotspot Configuration. For Sony Xperia Tethering & Portable Hotspot Setting am selected Sony Xperia J. These method is same as all Sony Xperia Mobile .Let see, how to configure and activate Sony Xperia Tethering & Portable Hotspot. 

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o   Open Menu And Select Setting

o   Select More From Wireless And Network Section

o   Select Tethering & Portable Hotspot

o   Select Portable Wifi Hotspot

Now Wifi Hotspot is activated. You can connect your mobile with laptop and access mobile network data through wifi hotspot.

You can protect your wifi hotspot by using WPA PSK and WPA2 PSK. Flow the given steps and configure your wi-fi hotspot for security purpose
             o   Select Configure Wi-Fi hotspot

                   o   Enter any name in Network SSID filed.
                           Network SSID is name of your wi-fi hotspot

                   o   Select Security and Select WPA PSK or WPA2 PSK
                            These two securities are used to protect wi-fi hotspot. If you activate any security connecting time device ask password

           o   Enter 8 characters as you wish.

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19 October 2013

Increase Multitasking On Low Memory RAM Android Device

                         My first android mobile is Samsung Galaxy Y. In Samsung Galaxy Y has only 289 MB. Some time my mobile too slow while opening more than two apps like Music Player and UC Brower. That time UC Browser notify System is too slow close some application and also mobile get very heat. These problems solution is only close application or increase RAM Memory, That's not Possible.

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                      Finally I Got one application Taskbar - Windows 8 apps. In these application we can access
any apps with out minimize running application. That is Taskbar logo shown in your mobile at any time. Just click the logo you see apps installed in your device

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                                              Download Taskbar- Windows 8

* "Start" button
Tap on the "start" button to open taskbar. Scroll up/down to launch app. If you add folders, contacts, settings, click on theme to execute.

* Change start button location
Click an hold for a while, then move around to change its location.
* Smart "Start" button
Start button will be dimming if taskbar does not open in two seconds. It also learn the way you use "start menu" area and taskbar, then smartly adjust them for you.
* Reorder apps
Open setting > Edit start menu item, then drag the icon in the right and move to change item order.
* Hide apps
Open setting > Edit start menu item, then click on action bar > hide to exclude apps.
* Create folder
Open setting > Edit start menu item, then click on action bar > add new to add new folder. Type folder name, select icon and folder type.
Folder type includes:
- Applications
- Settings
- Contacts
- Bookmark
 Change Start button Icon

10 October 2013

Share Installed Apps To Your Friends Android Mobiles

                            In my last post write about How to backup installed applicaion. To share installed apps you must download Apps Back Up And Restore application. And also must read How to backup installed apps post, because sending feature available on that application. You can share application via Bluetooth,G mail, and other media transfer protocols.

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Let see, How to share installed application:-

  1. Install Apps Back Up And Restore Application
  2. Open apps and bakup wanted apps
  3. Select Archive tab
  4. Select any one apps and select Menu and click Shre

  5. Select any one media sharing protocol like Bluetooth or any other.

22 August 2013

How To Backup Installed Apps On Your Android Phone

                                        Want to backup (save) installed application on your android phone, then download Apps Backup And Restore application on your device. By downloading this apps you can backup installed apps and restore uninstalled apps, when you want. You can save downloading time and data charge and also you can make your android device faster.

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                   Apps Backup And Restore apps is free apps. You can backup apps to your SD card, and also you can restore uninstalled apps via backup file. In this apps possible to backup multiple version. Any protected apps, Google market link will be backup. Easy uninstall

Download (Google Play)
                                                                                                    Download (4Shared)

To Backup :-

  • Open Application


  • Select any apps want to backup and click Backup

To Restore Application:-

  • Select Archived tab

  • Select any apps want to Restore and click Restore

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*Enable auto backup to backup automatic at every application installation

  • Click Menu (:) and select Setting


  • Select Auto Backup